VANE is a self-care brand developed by modern fol(x) who seek a healthy balance between self and society. While VANE is a brand designed with Black Women at the helm, it is a brand that looks towards a future of self-preservation, wellness, and self-awareness for anyone who has ever had to function as a cornerstone in their community.

With VANE’s tranquil, grounding aesthetics in addition to its holistic approach to the user’s sensory experience, it encourages everyone to engage self-care as an intentional — revolutionary — measure of reclaiming their time.

VANE centers “self” to combat the ever-pressing urge to pour from an empty cup.

So #bevane darling. You deserve.


Author James Baldwin said that “be(ing) a Negro in this country and to be relatively concious is to be in a state of rage, almost all of the time.” His words on color and esteem ring true as America continues to develop its relationship with the BIPOC population. 

Lynae Vanee’s reaction to this truth was to develop a brand for modern women of color who seek an understanding of self and society. Vane is a brand that looks towards the future of black women in America with an eye towards mental health, wellness, and awareness. 

Being informed, conscious, and tuned in during this period of social upheaval and long simmering revolution takes its toll on the individual. Mental fatigue and burnout compound easily to obscure a hopeful and positive mindset for women of color today. 

As a brand, VANE looks to provide products which speak to our struggle and, more importantly, our victories, numerous, comprehensive, and worthy of celebration.